Helena Hangartner

Helena Hangartner

I have over 18 years experience in the soft furnishings industry and am confident that I will always find the right creative ideas that will really make a difference to the interior of your home.

Monday, 07 December 2015 18:37

December 2015

If you have any spare branches from your Christmas tree this year then why not use them to make a centre piece decoration for your table or mantlepiece.  By adding baubles, holly, fir cones, dried fruit and candles it can really look effective.


 Christmas is just a few weeks away and there are still 4 projects to be completed, but here are the latest pictures.

Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere II/Plato Blue Wallpaper: O&L Pasha/Kayin
Pole: Hallis Hudson Museum Collection/Antique Silver & Bronze
Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere II/Meteor Blue

Fabric: Harlequin Minosa Velvets/Graphite

Pole: Jones Interiors/Strand 35mm Satin Silver with Sphere Finials

Tieback: Jones Interiors/Shard Raspberry Pole: Cameron Fuller 19mm wrought iron black
Fabric: Pavillion Textiles Lugano/Melano Burgundy

Fabric: Villa Nova Pippin/Agapanthus (curtain) Pavillion Textiles Batiste Cream (voile)

Pole: Cameron Fuller 32mm black wrought iron

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 14:08

November 2015

It has been a very busy month leading up to Christmas.  Here are some finished projects this month. 

Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere III - Amadine Gold Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere III - Amadine Gold
Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere III -  Hoxton Silver

Fabric: Romo Tulipa/Keiko Lagoon

Fabric: Harlequin Momentum 6/Takara

Seat Pad: Zinc/Jacopo Smoked Quartz

Wallpaper: Prestigious Textiles/Infinity Parchment Bead Trim on base of blind: O&L Kediri Satin Braid
Tuesday, 20 October 2015 07:54

October 2015

Here are some finished projects this month 

 Fabric: Romo/Haversham/Lagoon  Fabric: Romo/Haversham/Lagoon
 Fabric: Kai/Casson/Leven Loganberry  Fabric: Harlequin/Delphine/Lauren
Fabric: Romo/ Fabric: Zinc/Xenon Mocha

Fabric: Romo Tulipa/Keiko Lagoon

Pole: Jones Interiors Lunar 28mm Satin Silver with Sphere Finials

Friday, 28 August 2015 06:37

September 2015

 Here are some completed projects this month


Fabric: Harlequin/Poetica Voiles/Linen

Silent Gliss Metropole Flat Wave Track

Wave Curtain Heading
Fabric: Voyage/Iridescence/Jayin Stone  Fabric: Voyage/Iridescence/Jayin Stone

 Fabric: Voyage/Veransi/Wisteria (roller blind)

Silent Gliss 30mm Wave Bay Pole Silver 

 Fabric: Voyage/Iridescence/Ayun Orchid

Silent Gliss 30mm Wave Pole Silver with Ball Finials

Fabric: Jane Churchill/Atmosphere II/Plato Silver

Silent Gliss 30mm Gunmetal Pole

Fabric: Villa Nova/Geneva/Squirrel

Silent Gliss 28mm Gunmetal Bay Pole





Tuesday, 04 August 2015 14:23

August 2015

Here are some completed projects this month 

Before After

Fabric: Jane Churchill/Darwin Silver

Bead trim: Designers Guild/Lavardin Alabaster

Wallpaper: Nina Campbell/Braemar/Ardwell


Fabric: Harlequin/Glaze/Glaze Ivory Fabric: Romo/Madigan/Corin Pewter
Fabric: O&L/Sabi/Tsavo  Fabric: Harlequin/Poetica/Folium