Helena Hangartner

Helena Hangartner

I have over 18 years experience in the soft furnishings industry and am confident that I will always find the right creative ideas that will really make a difference to the interior of your home.

Monday, 10 November 2014 10:09

October 2014

Here are some finished projects this month


 Fabric: Clarke & Clarke Global Luxe/Snake Charmer Pebble  Fabric: Customer's own
 Fabric: Prestigious Textiles Bari Aquamarine  Fabric: Prestigious Textiles Lucca Aquamarine
 Fabric: Prestigious Textiles Bari Aquamarine  Fabric: Prestigious Textiles Fiorella/Amethyst
 Fabric: Prestigious Textiles Fiorella/Amethyst  Fabric: Pipping trim Designers Guild Allia/Heather
 Roller Blind: Rolelite slow riser fushion pink with bobble pull  
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 11:44

September 2014

I was commissioned in July to source fabrics & wallpaper for the Black Horse Pub in Reigate which had a complete renovation.  The photographs below show the finished project.


 Wallpaper: Prestigious Textiles Icon Clocks (dining room)  Fabric: Chatsworth Mayfair Passion red/black (bar area)
 Fabric: Simpson Interiors Malham black/charcoal  Fabric: Chatsworth Mayfair Passion red/black (bar area)


 Trimming: Harlequin Arabella Bellini  Fabric: Harlequin Impasto Angelique
Monday, 15 September 2014 12:54

August 2014

 Here are some completed projects


 Fabric: Voyage Lorient Aqua 
 Fabric Curtains: Voyage Lorient Linden Acacia Aqua  Fabric: Ashley Wilde Bloomsbury Janella Crimson
 Fabric: Ashley Wilde Bloomsbury Ardleigh Crimson Fabric: Ashley Wilde Ardleigh Crimson  
 Fabric: Ashley Wilde Bloomsbury Janella Crimson 
 Fabric: Voyage Boutique Hazel Truffle 
 Wallpaper: Clarke & Clarke Woodland Heather  Cushions: Clarke & Clarke Foxglove Heather & Wild Fern Heather
Fabric: Romo Marlow Pesto Orford

Fabric: Harlequin Anoushka Zest (contrast) & Lavender (main)

Tiebacks: Jones Interiors Henley Lilac



Thursday, 12 June 2014 19:12

June 2014

Here are some recent completed projects 

 Fabric: Blendworth Cream Cotton

 Fabric: Harlequin Juniper Crimson & Walnut

Wallpaper: Harlequin Indulgence Embrace

 Fabric: Harlequin Allegra Ocean  Wallpaper: Harlequin Jardin Boheme eden/coral

Fabric: Osborne & Little Verdanta Japonerie (curtains)

Fabric: Romo Dune Aruba (blind) Wallpaper: Osborne & Little Verdanta

 Fabric: Jane Churchill Songbird Aqua/Pink
 Fabric: Harlequin Poetica Folium/Trim: Osborne & Little Kediri Braid 
Friday, 18 April 2014 00:00

April 2014

Garden Rooms

Extend your home with a garden room, creating additional living space that can have heating, lighting and wi-fi. Gone are the the days when the garden shed was a man's domain at the bottom of the garden. Garden rooms have become increasingly popular with younger family members struggling to get onto the housing ladder. By creating extra living space or even having a garden annex will add value to your home. The majority of gardens rooms are flat packed and can be assembled within a couple of weeks which is another advantage of this popular growing concept.

In the pictures below my client had built a garden room where the teenagers can go and hang out. To the side of the living area an office was added with its own patio entrance doors.  

Here are some recent completed projects


 Fabric curtains: Prestigious Textiles Panama Marine

Fabric: blinds: Prestigious Textiles Maple Teal

 Roller blinds: Splash Grama Green pull-up

Fabric curtains: Voyage Highlands Munro Damson

Fabric blind: Voyage Cosmo Green 

 Fabric curtains: Voyage Highlands Munro Azure

Fabric curtains: Harlequin Romanie Plains Gold & cushion in Harlequin Tamika Akira Red/Gold

Wallpaper: Harlequin Tamika Akira Red/Gold