Helena Hangartner

Helena Hangartner

I have over 18 years experience in the soft furnishings industry and am confident that I will always find the right creative ideas that will really make a difference to the interior of your home.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 18:56

January 2017

Here are some completed projects from last month


Buttoned Headboard: VN

Rectangle Cushions: Romo Saphira/Honor Begonia

Fabric Curtains: Romo Saphira/Mariola Begonia

Square Cushions: Romo Saphira/Leander Begonia

Pole: Jones Interiors

Fabric: Voyage/Raindrops Pacific

Pole: Cameron Fuller/Bright Pewter 32mm

Fabric: Prestigious Textiles/

Track: Cameron Fuller 30mm Bendable White glide Fabric: Customers Own
Pole: Cameron Fuller/32mm Bright Pewter Cage Finials Detail of Cameron Fuller 30mm White Glide track
Tieback: Jones Interiors  
Friday, 09 December 2016 09:33

December 2016

Here are some completed projects from last month

Cushions: Romo Black/Astratto Ochre

Zinc/Glamorama Campion Taupe

Curtains: Romo Black/Astratto Ochre

Pole: Silent Gliss Metropole 50mm Ceiling Fix

Tieback: Bespoke from Handmade Trimmings Roman Blind: Romo Black/Astratto Ochre
Tieback: Troynorth/Raincloud

Curtains: Today Interiors/Daymur/Frosted Black

Cushions: Designers Guild/Nabucco Rose

Poles: Price & Company/Modern Collection with Spiral Finials

Bay Pole: Silent Gliss Gunmetal Metropole 30mm/Strata Clear Disc Finials

Curtain Fabric: Romo Black/Cassiopeia Persian Blue

Upholstered Stool: Today Interiors/Twilight Blue
Cushions: Romo Black/Cassiopeia Persian Blue & Romo/Lorentz Surat Ochre  Tieback: Hallis Hudson/Verona Indigo

Cushions: JC/Zephyr Gold & JC Indra Gold

Chaise upholstered in: Today Interiors/Sparkle Black

Roman Blind: Designers Guild/Nabucco Magenta 
  Roman Blind: Romo Black/Goldwyn Polka Ebony
Wallpaper: Today Interiors/Madison Geometrics Wallpaper: Prestigious Textiles/View/Holo Silver 

Pole: Jones Interiors/30mm Putty Cathedral Colour

Curtain Fabric: Blendworth/Parador Weaves Arcos


Monday, 05 December 2016 14:33

November 2016

Here are some completed projects from last month

Customers Own Fabric (cushions & blind) 
Pole: Cameron Fuller/Wrought Iron Black 32mm with cage finials
 Tieback: Jones Interiors/Panama Gardenia
Cushion Fabric: Voyage Diffusion/Galatea Midnight & Xanthoria Twilight
Fabric: Villa Nova/Sarawak Stripe Plum Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere IV/Anza Teal
Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere IV/Anza Teal Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere IV/Anza Teal



Tuesday, 01 November 2016 08:45

October 2016

Here are some completed projects from last month

Wallpaper: Nina Campbell Fontane       Cushion Fabric: Zinc Glamorama/Morgan Midnight: O&L       Curtain Fabric:  Jab Fabrics   

Sofa: Homebase     Lighting: M&S     Paint: Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray



Fabric: Casadeco Connect Anneaux  
   Cushions: Zinc/Penthouse Mecury & Casadeco Paillettes
Tieback: Bespoke made to order from Handsome Trimmings

Bed Throw/Valance/Cushions: J Churchill Crocodillas Blk/Ezra Bronze

Furniture: Taylor Jane Reigate

Wallpaper: Zoffany/Lustre Pewter

Cushions: JC Ezra Bronze

  Bed Throw: Zinc Penthouse/Lautner Graphite
Cushions: Zinc Penthouse/Lautner Graphite & Halston Mercury
Cushion: Zinc Penthouse/Lautner Graphite

Curtain Fabric: Harlequin Lucido/Pewter

Tieback: Price & Co/Vienna

Rectangle Cushion: Osborne & Little/Rondelle

Cushions: Voyage Highlands/Munro Damson/JC Loren/Fontane Leaf

Voile: Pavillion Textiles/Batiste Cream

Double Pole: Cameron Fuller 32mm Antique Brass

Fabric: Jane Churchill Atmosphere/Carus Red

Chaise covered in: Linwood Apollo/Callisto

Cushions: Linwood New England/Cotta Red

Window Seat & Bolsters: Osborne & Little Corniche Bark Velvet Fabric: Kai/Bacula Orchid
Sunday, 14 August 2016 07:37

September 2016

Here are some completed projects from last month


Curtain fabric: Zinc Orbit/Tungsten & Spacedust

Pole: Museum Collection/Silver/Spiral finials

Tiebacks: Troynorth

Wallpaper: Osborne & Little Pasha/Pardus

Upholstered headboard: Zinc Orbit/Tungsten

Curtain fabric: O&L Sultan Akoya Ivory

Pole & Tiebacks: Museum Collection/Platinum Spiral

Bed throw: Voyage Metis/Pearl/O&L Sultan Akoya Coral

Wallpaper: Romo Black/Astratto/Zelva Flock Quill

Cushions: O&L Sultan/Akoya & Malatya

Upholstered headboard: Zinc Penthouse/Moonbeam

Curtain fabric: Zinc Glamorama/Chloe Linen

Pole & Tiebacks: Museum Collection/Platinum Argyll finial

Cushions: Zinc Penthouse/Milo Linen & Romo Marlow/Alpi Magnesium

Tiebacks: Oasis/Linen

Curtain fabric: Jane Churchill/Crocodillas Silver

Pole & Tiebacks: Museum Collection/Silver Ice Storm rope finial

Wallpaper: Osborne & Little/MW Samana/Dragonfuly Dance

Wallpaper: Osborne & Little/MW Samana Kari

Furniture: Taylor Jane, Reigate


 Upholstered chair: Osborne & Little/Miramar/Coral  Upholstered chair: Linwood Apollo/Electron
Blind: Anthology/Textures/Pumice  Blind: Anthology/Textures/Pumice
Wallpaper: Osborne & Little/Pasha Ponti

Voiles around bed: Harlequin

Cushions: Zinc Jacapo/Pool & Jacapo Tarquin Pool

Roman blind: Zinc Orbit/Spacedust
Bed throw: Linwood Apollo/Electron & Romo Black/Mizar Steeple Grey
 Roller Blind: Rol-lite slow riser with contrast edge in Ex-lite Cream/Putty Roller Blind: Rol-lite slow riser with contrast edge in Nocturne Maize/Wheat 
 Roller Blind: Rol-lite slow riser with contrast edge in Ex-lite Cream/Putty